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Professional Volunteer and/or Intern at JRC

Adult and Family Case Management serves the needs of individuals and families residing on the Jackson Resource Center Transformational Campus. Each Team supports a caseload of individuals or families with their transition to permanent housing by way of resource navigation, to include referrals to Income and Skills Development and Housing services, to address any barriers to maintaining stable, long-term housing in the community.

Client Services (Campus Relations) is looking for an intern to work set hours to assist with the daily operations of the TC Front Desk, Navigation Center, and Resource Center Front Desk. The intern will assist JRC Staff in entering and recording data, scanning badges, and entering services in HMIS.  Intern will be interacting with clients by connecting them to their appointments or providing general information about campus services. Additional duties may involve assisting with facilitating workshops, resource fairs and other campus events sponsored by Client Services.

Client Services (Campus Relations) is looking for an intern to work set hours to assist with the daily operations of the TC Front Desk, Navigation Center, and Resource Center Front Desk. The intern will assist JRC Staff in entering and recording data, scanning badges, and entering services in HMIS. Intern will be interacting with clients by connecting them to their appointments or providing general information about campus services. Additional duties may involve assisting with facilitating workshops, resource fairs and other campus events sponsored by Client Services.

Clinical Services Recovery Team provides services to adults experiencing homelessness with mental health and/or substance use disorders residing on the Jackson Resource Center campus or courtyard. The team is comprised of clinicians, clinical case managers, certified peer support specialists, and a chaplain. Duties include screenings, assessments, housing and income plans, person-centered recovery plans, linkages to benefits and supports on site and in the community. The team works together to provide wraparound services for our clients.

Continuity of Care Transition Services provides wrap around case management services to individuals who are identified as medically fragile and/or having a high need for mental health support. The case management team prioritizes stabilization of identified physical and mental health needs in each client’s housing plan, with the intention of assisting those identified as “high utilizers” of medical and mental health services, or those who could potentially become “high utilizers” to follow and identified treatment plan and to connect to a continuum of care which they were not previously able to access. The program provides intensive, wrap around, case management services that assists with the coordination of medical and behavioral health appointments, identifying appropriate providers, medication coordination and management, connection to benefits or other income assistance, and development of sustainable housing plans. Individuals are identified for the program through University Hospital.

The JRC Executive Team is looking for a research minded intern to assist in collecting, cleaning up, and analyzing data on people experiencing homelessness in Jackson, MS. The intern would have the opportunity to conduct research and analysis to inform planning efforts led by Jackson Resource Center, the local Continuum of Care (CoC500) and other agencies. Intern will also analyze data related to service provision and assist with identifying needs and trends for people experiencing homelessness on our campus.

The Development department is seeking an intern to assist with special projects and general administrative duties within the department. Additional intern duties may include: thanking donors through thoughtful letters; assisting with the coordination of special events; planning donation drives; participating in development strategic planning. They may also assist in communications with internal programs and partners to strengthen collaborative efforts.

The Direct Referral Program (DRP) provides a low-barrier, safe, person centered environment to individuals that have an extensive homeless history and chronic health conditions. DRP is a program designed to truly meet our clients where they are, in the sense that sobriety and participation in mental health services is not a requirement of the program; although, these services are available to program participants upon request. DRP also assists participants with transitioning from homelessness to being housed, encourages participants to become self-sufficient, and gives clients the tools to live as independently as possible. It allows the opportunity for a collaborative effort between community resources, partners of Jackson Resource Center.

Operations is looking for an intern to manage the campus facilities. This would involve organizing custodians and maintenance staff, creating a plan for the custodians, and determining a plan to account for maintenance. The Jackson Resource Center campus is comprised of several buildings full of furniture, electronics, and supplies. It would be part of the intern’s responsibilities to track the inventory and calculate the value of the inventory.

Human Resources is seeking an intern to assist in the development of personnel policies and procedures. The intern would also assist in event planning, helping the HR employees with various tasks, and recruiting by preparing postings, tracking responses, and coordinating interviews.

Jackson Resource Center Intake Department is seeking Social Work, Psychology, and Sociology majors to work as Intake Specialists. The intern would meet with individuals experiencing homelessness as they are being admitted. This internship requires the ability to engage families and individuals to acquire their information, discuss placement options with the client, and provide excellent client service. The intern would also provide timely and accurate documentation of information through HMIS.

The Jail Outreach Program is a fully Peer Support staffed team, which serves individuals who are being released from the Hinds County Detention Center and MDOC. The program allows the opportunity for those participating to have direct and priority access to case management, peer support, behavioral health, education, financial sustainability, and housing services. The team provides case management services and direct referrals to all the fore mentioned services to lead to transition to housing in the community. The team also provides advocacy for clients and supports them in meeting their legal obligations outlined by the courts or community supervision.

The Navigation Center is looking for interns who are able to assist clients with a variety of services that may include navigating the computer, helping clients make emails, resume building, employment applications, etc. Interns would help facilitate different classes as well as create classes they would like to teach the clients. The Navigation Center is a resource/information hub for both clients and staff. Intern would have the ability to help clients learn about different resources available to them at Jackson Resource Center as well as in the community. Position is preferable to Social Work intern’s – bachelor’s or Associate level.

Outreach is looking for an intern to assist them in reaching out to people experiencing homelessness in the community. The intern would be establishing relationships with individuals with possible mental health and substance abuse issues. There would be ample client interaction as well as some supply preparations, such as putting together hygiene kits. The internship has flexible hours and does require some physical activity; walking around downtown.

Spiritual Services is seeking companions to be present for those who reside at JRC, to engage in deep listening, and to possibly pray with them. The intern would meet with clients one-on-one and would offer spiritual care; this would be similar to pastoral counseling or spiritual direction. Seminary students or those with the trained or in training skill-set of presence, listening, and prayer would be ideal for this position.

The Veteran Navigator Program consists of Peer Support and Case Managers, who assist Veterans in navigating the complex network of social services within the community, both through Veteran Affairs and other community partners. Through mentorship, the program assists in the obtaining of previous service documentation, establishing benefits, connecting to medical and behavioral health service providers, and other specialized services. Through these services, the team is able to assist veterans in establishing stability and becoming housing ready.

Getting Started

Step 1. Download the Application Form
Step 2. Fill out Application
Step 3. Email and Attach Application & Resume to

Point of contact for internships please contact:

JRC Student Internship Program Student Information Guide


Social Service provides students with great opportunities to make a difference in their community. JRC offers a range of internship opportunities and experiences for a variety of academic disciplines.

Internships are career-relevant work experience a student intern can obtain prior to graduation from academic studies. Student interns in the JRC Internship Program work under practicing professionals who provide supervision and guidance.

The internship program is designed to give student interns a realistic job experience while they learn professional skills they can carry into their careers. The programs will help the student intern bridge the gap between academic theory and professional practice while gaining firsthand knowledge of the workings of a large non-profit social work organization. Additionally, student interns have the opportunity to establish professional relationships in their field of study. In return, JRC gains the knowledge and capabilities of the student intern.

An internship with JRC will enable the student intern to experience the daily challenges and rewards of social service, and the opportunity to work in various departments including but not limited to Case Management, Employment Readiness, Administration, Information Management, and Spiritual Services.

You can experience the special satisfaction that comes from social service, and the special pride of having Jackson Resource Center as part of your professional training ground. We look forward to your unique contributions to JRC!

Internship Goals

The Jackson Resource Center Internship Program is designed to bridge the gap between formal academic training and practical work experience. Student interns are integrated into the workforce and become engaged in daily issues confronting professional staff in a public sector setting (Enclosure 1 – JRC Internship Goal).

  • Provide the student intern with an opportunity to integrate theory and practice to his or her professional education, by encouraging the exchange of insights between the professional organization and the student intern;
  • Provide the student intern with the opportunity to promote and expand his or her personal philosophy and enable understanding of non-profits;
  • Provide the student intern with an opportunity to realize personal strengths and weaknesses;
  • Provide an opportunity to gain experience in leadership, supervision, and administrative functions as a public service employee;
  • Help the student intern gain an understanding and appreciation of the roles, duties, and responsibilities of a full time professional and the people served.

Program Overview

Potential student interns may apply online or are referred by an academic program. The potential student intern submits an application, resume, and is interviewed by a supervisor who determines whether he or she is a good fit for Jackson Resource Center. Upon acceptance, the student intern will complete all necessary forms required by Jackson Resource Center and his or her academic institution.

Each student intern will be assigned a supervisor to oversee daily tasks and give continuous feedback on performance; an additional supervisor with specific credentials may be assigned if required.  The student intern will receive a mid-term evaluation (Enclosure 2 – Student Internship Site Evaluation Form) to provide he or she with an opportunity to see what he or she has done well and what can be improved upon as well as a final student intern evaluation (Enclosure 3 – Performance Review) for JRC records. Additionally, the student intern will complete an evaluation of Jackson Resource Center which will be used to analyze and improve the program.

The internship is the responsibility of the student intern, the intern’s supervisor, and the Internship Coordinator. The internship schedule will be coordinated between the student intern, academic advisor (if applicable), the Internship Coordinator, and the intern’s supervisor.

Program Eligibility

Potential student interns should be considering a profession related to some aspect of Jackson Resource Center’s mission and objectives. Generally, the student intern should be advanced in his or her educational or vocational programs. Accommodations can be made on a case by case basis. (Enclosure 4 – Internship Matrix)

Application Process

Potential student interns will access the Jackson Resource Center Intern Webpage and select the internship position(s) he or she is interested in. Upon selection, the potential student intern will complete the application process, including providing a resume, for the position(s) (Enclosure 5 – Application). The potential student intern will be contacted by the position’s Department Head to schedule an interview. If selected, the potential student intern will complete “In-Processing,” which includes an Information Form (Enclosure 6 – Program Information Form) and Background Check Form (Enclosure 7 – Background Check Form).

Internship Compensation

Jackson Resource Center does not currently offer paid internships and student interns are not eligible for Jackson Resource Center employee benefits. Internships may be discontinued at-will but advanced notice is appreciated.

College Credit

All student internship opportunities with Jackson Resource Center are for academic credit. Credit hours received will vary depending on the requirements of the student intern’s academic program. JRC will work with the student intern’s academic program to ensure all requirements are met.

Management Responsibilities

  • Assign the student intern a supervisor who will inspire learning and good performance;
  • Orient the student intern to his or her duties and responsibilities and familiarize him or her with special equipment and tools needed for the internship;
  • Provide the necessary office space, equipment, etc. needed to adequately perform the internship;
  • Utilize the student intern in a manner which will achieve maximum efficiency and utility for both the office and the student intern;
  • Allow the student intern to receive as wide a variety of experience as feasible within the office by rotating departments or assigning various substantive tasks within a department;
  • Communicate with academic staff and program coordinator any problems.

Intern Responsibilities

Student interns’ responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Be appropriately dressed for all assignments and conduct himself or herself in a professional manner;
  • Maintain professional relationships with department employees, residents, and volunteers;
  • Create goals and objectives for his or her internship;
  • Familiarize himself or herself with internship procedures and guidelines;
  • Communicate effectively with his or her assigned supervisor;
  • Seek opportunities that complement work and educational experience, such as trainings offered at Haven for Hope;
  • Assist staff and residents with projects and assignments;
  • Prepare for and utilize meetings, conferences, and other opportunities of learning offered in the department;
  • Show initiative and creativity by offering ideas and suggestions for program improvement;
  • Meet with assigned mentor for feedback and concerns;
  • Comply with work hour requirements, including tracking hours worked (Enclosure 8 – Student Intern Timesheet). Hour requirements vary by academic program.

Intern Orientation

Student interns receive a personal tour of Jackson Resource Center facilities to gain an understanding of our campus and services offered. The student intern will be introduced to staff members he or she will be working with during the internship.  Each student intern is sponsored by a staff member throughout in-process with Jackson Resource Center. A two-day new intern orientation is scheduled within the first 90 days of the internship via Human Resources for training on specific organizational areas (Enclosure 9 – In-Processing Checklist).

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