JRC – Jackson Resource Center is a private faith based, 501(c)(3) non-profit in Jackson. Founded in 2012, JRC has been assisting the homeless and those threatening homelessness in Jackson, Mississippi, with transitional and permanent housing placement and accessible social services. JRC is governed by an 11-person community-based Board of Directors that serves on a volunteer basis to determine policy for the corporation as is led by Ms. Putalamus White, who has over 25 years of experience in homeless services, housing, and programming. At present JRC has three full-time paid and three full-time volunteer employees. These individuals have dedicated themselves to the mission of JRC and helping others. 

The mission of JRC is to be a multifaceted housing organization devoted to utilizing collaborative partnerships (both on and off-site) to create sustainable communities across Jackson, Mississippi through affordable quality housing, continued education, job training, and accessible social and medical services. 

The range of services include but not limited to: 

  • providing housing assistance to families (paying rent and/or mortgage) 
  • providing utility bill assistance 
  • assisting in securing adequate and affordable housing 
  • serving as an advocate for children and families at various agencies in which they were seeking additional assistance (family reunification) 
  • teaching life skill classes 
  • teaching parenting classes 
  • providing financial literacy 
  • job readiness training/workshops 
  • provided shelter to families in crisis 

This list is not exhaustive of all services rendered throughout the years. We have assisted hundreds of individuals and families by linking them to needed resources and/or providing the service directly.  

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