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Putalamus White

Putalamus White, Founder and CEO of the Jackson Resource Center, is a highly gifted, creative, and enthusiastic graphic artist, business developer and homeless advocate from Jackson, Mississippi. Putalamus graduated from Provine High School in Jackson, Mississippi, June 1992. There she held various leadership positions which included founding a peer-to-peer mentoring organization known as “Reality: 1 on 1”. While in attendance at Provine, Putalamus attended the Career Development Center during her sophomore and junior years and received her Certificate of Completion, which was then equivalent to an Associate Degree in Business Administration and Accounting. October 8, 1989, the day after she turned sixteen, Putalamus began working part time after school and on weekends at Sonic Drive-In. Before the anniversary of her first year on the job, she was promoted to Assistant Manager in the location she worked. In this position she was responsible for payroll, employee scheduling, daily and monthly inventory, creating reports and assisting in opening new stores. She was also responsible for training new employees and encouraging employee morale, and yes, she was still in high school, maintaining a “B+” average. 

After graduating from Provine High School, Putalamus moved to Atlanta, GA to continue her career as a trainer for Sonic Drive-In. She stayed there for one year and returned to Mississippi in September 1993. January 1994, she gave birth to a happy, healthy baby girl – Destini. When her daughter turned six weeks, Putalamus began working temporary jobs which led to a permanent position at Blue Cross Blue Shield: Advance Health Systems as the Department Assistant in June 1995…more

Our Leadership

Monica McClain

Yellow House

Joseph Holiday

Outreach Specialist

Linnie Harrington

Lead RA
Yellow House

Ashley Stewart

Education Director

Frederick Stewart

Campus Pastor
REACH Langley

Earlean Landing

Hospitality Ambassador

Aisha Jones

Culinary Director
REACH Langley

Tonia Dabney

Executive Assistant

Faith White

Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator

Board of Directors

Michelle Johnson



Marketing / Advertisng / Secretary


Human Resources

Rumeal Bell

Finances / Treasurer

Leonard Stapleton

Honorary Lifetime Member

Alec Valentine

Honorary Lifetime Member

Leadership Advisory Council Members

Thadamenia Harris


Alysia Green

Corporal Anthony Johnson

CIT Officer JPD

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